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I am trained to master level in both Angelic Reiki and Rahanni Celestial Healing. I am also qualified in Energy Colour Healing, have training in Shamanic techniques and over 20 years experience as a reflexologist.


I heal intuitively, feeling energy and hearing spirit guidance advising me which healing modality and tools are suitable for each individual person. Every healing session is different, as every person is too.

Healing can be done in person in my beautiful healing room in West Byfleet, or remotely for those who do not live locally or cannot leave the house.


INTUITIVE HEALING (inc with Reflexology option)

£70.00 - 75 MINS
(£80 FOR INITIAL CONSULTATION & HEALING) (Limited concessions available, please enquire)

We always start with a thorough check in to see how you are feeling and if you have any questions or feedback from previous sessions. During this time the releasing and healing begins.

The healing takes place on a massage couch where you are able to fully relax, feeling cosy and nurtured with blankets, pillows and gentle music. I always start with a short guided relaxation and visualisation to help with coming into the present moment.

During the healing I use gentle touch which can include light pressure, brushing and lifting away any heavy energy I feel. I also connect to your auric field and wider soul space which holds the energy of our past lives. I am intuitively guided to where energy is blocked and work to release and rebalance this with Source Light. Healing works on the root cause of any issues, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. During the healing intuitive insights come to myself and often the client, these always offer positive guidance and can be shared afterwards.  Reflexology can also be added to the healing.  Reflexology is a deeply soothing therapy.  It works on the reflex points of the feet which correspond to all the organs and systems in the body.

At the end of the healing you are gently welcomed back and offered a glass of water. We then have a short discussion about what came up for each of us. This conversation includes well-being or spiritual guidance to empower you to positively move forward in your healing journey. I will often give you simple tools and techniques for you to practise at home to support your healing. An oracle or angel card is often selected which people say are helpful.


My clients always report feeling deeply peaceful, nurtured and supported. Most sleep really well that night. Many sense a feeling of lightness, with increased positivity, resilience and direction.


£60.00 - 60 MINS

These follow a similar pattern to the in-person intuitive healing sessions (described above), because I feel the energy and hear the intuitive guidance in exactly the same way.


Often, I will start with a slightly longer guided meditation and ask you to visualise a particular healing colour I am working with.


Clearing any past life traumas also works well over video, as these are done via simple guided visualisation I give you.


The benefit of remote working is you can be tucked up in bed and even have your pets join you. Healing energy and my spirit team are not limited by distance.


£65.00 - 60 MINS

Awakening to the knowledge we are souls having a human experience and all that this entails can often be overwhelming and confusing, especially if nobody around us is sharing this experience.


Combining my well-being coaching, mentoring, healing and intuitive skills, I am here to help guide and empower you at whatever stage you are at.


Everyone’s path is different, however, discussing the various topics, experiences and feelings which may arise with a mentor can help both reassure and enlighten you, whilst helping you stay grounded. Spiritual mentoring also connects you to your own innate wisdom, helping you to find the answers within to situations or blocks.

Topics, tools and techniques could include:

Ascension, chakras, crystals, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, past lives, soul groups, working with energy and colour, guided meditations, grounding techniques.

All sessions are tailored to where you are on your own spiritual and healing journey. Sessions can be regular or just one off depending on when you feel you need them.

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Loving guidance to help assist you on your healing journey.


This takes the form of three main questions which you email me. These topics are then are elaborated on during my intuitive connection.


You will only ever receive guidance for your highest and greatest good and I make no guarantees of answers and outcomes. It is important to remember we all have free will and my spirit team and I will only ever advise you, not instruct.


At present I am doing the readings in my own time, then emailing clients the guidance which came through.

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I cannot thank you enough for guiding me on this spiritual journey.

You are an incredibly gifted soul and I am eternally grateful I was guided to you.

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