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About me

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a keen and questioning interest in spirituality, holistic health and human biology.  During my early twenties I faced a challenging time which started my journey into learning about and receiving spiritual healing.  Later in my early thirties after a very emotionally stressful period, plus a nasty virus I caught whilst backpacking, followed by a demanding job in marketing, my body began to shut down.  I eventually collapsed and was diagnosed with M.E./Chronic fatigue syndrome which entailed many years of unexplained pain, profound exhaustion and being bed and then wheel chair bound. 


Although this was a very dark time, it was also a gift.  It allowed me time to stop and listen to my inner wisdom, explore spirituality and start to let go of who and what I had tried to be in order to fit in with expectations.  It gave me the space to appreciate what was really important in life and most importantly who I really was outside of a busy social life and career. 


During one very difficult day whilst I was laying in bed meditating, I had an out of body experience.  I became a bright orb of light floating near the ceiling of my bedroom. I had no fear, I was just consciousness and felt so peaceful and free.  I am sure I was gifted this experience to show me the existence of the soul and to encourage me to pursue my spiritual path.


Over these past few decades I have read hundreds of books on spirituality, personal development, ancient healing traditions and the determinants of health.  I have studied and qualified at masters level in a variety of energy healing modalities, holistic therapies, nutritional therapy, counselling skills and well-being coaching.  I also have a BSc specialising in Health Sciences. The knowledge I have learnt enables me to follow my soul’s calling of helping support others on their healing journey.  I offer a gentle approach with genuine empathy, along with a vast toolkit of knowledge on how to better achieve a happy, healthy and balanced life, connecting into your soul’s wisdom.


Spiritual and personal development are a life long journey.  I am continuously learning and usually have 3-4 books and numerous podcasts on the go, as well as attending regularly courses and workshops.

Some of my favourite people to follow are nutrition & lifestyle medicine advocate Dr Chatterjee; spiritual teachers Deepak Chopra & Eckhart Tolle and the inspirational Anita Moorjani, a cancer and near-death experience survivor, spiritual author and speaker.

Some wonderful enlightening books I would highly recommend are:

Anita Moorjani – Dying To Be Me

Brian Weiss – Master Lives, Many Masters

Claire Broad – Heaven Sent

… and anything written by Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle.




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