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What is the heart wall?

Energetic shields

The heart wall is an energetic shield placed around the heart for protection.  It is created subconsciously from feelings of intense emotional trauma.  Everything is energy, including emotions.  Protective walls of energy can gather over any major areas of the body, but are particularly felt over the heart.  

In his book ‘The Emotion Code’, Dr Bradley Nelson writes about the heart wall, describing the heart as the centre or our being and second brain (Nelson, 2012). 

Looking at the heart from a physiological perspective, it is regarded as the primary organ in the cardiovascular system.  However, the HeartMath Institute, an education and research organisation, discovered the heart contains a vast number of neurons and neurotransmitters, referring to it as the little brain.  It actually sends more signals to the brain, than the brain sends to the heart (HeartMath, 2024).

When I am healing I feel energy within and around the body.  Every area of the body emits a different strength and type of energy.  If a heart wall is present, then no energy is felt above this area.  I often sense the wall as a solid mass or hard block making it difficult for loving source energy to reach the heart.

Even though a heart wall acts as a protective mechanism for the individual, it also filters or blocks positive emotions from being fully experienced.  It can inhibit the ability to give and receive unconditional love.  People may act defensively, lack self-esteem and feel a disconnection from life.  Relationships with family, friends and loved ones are often negatively impacted.

However, the good news is the heart wall does not have to be permanent.  I have worked with many clients who, through embarking on a healing journey, have gently dissolved their heart wall.  After this happens, I am able to sense beautiful energy radiating around the heart field.

Clients have told me they notice a renewed love and compassion towards themselves and others, as well as learning to trust and enjoy in the process of life, which can be experienced more deeply.  The heart holds the energy of love, which is the highest vibration and has the power to be our greatest healer.



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